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Hospice of the Miami Valley Serving Patients, Families in Springfield Area

Hospice care is on the rise:  more than 1.58 million Americans that were diagnosed with life-limiting illnesses were cared for by hospices across the nation last year.  This growth is being felt in the Ohio’s Miami Valley as well. As the need increases, local hospice providers must also rise to meet growing patient and family needs.

Patients and their families in the Springfield area now have a new choice for loved ones with serious illnesses. Hospice of the Miami Valley has opened an office at 1948 North Limestone Street and is already serving Clark, Champaign and Madison counties.  “We offer high intensity services to complex patients while still caring for them in their homes.  We are known for our quick response time and excellent end-of life support for those with serious illnesses. We offer massage, music and pet therapy to maximize comfort and relaxation, decrease anxiety, and enhance overall quality of life,” stated Tara Brodbeck, President and Founder of Hospice of the Miami Valley.

With 30 years of healthcare experience, Tara Brodbeck MS, RN, CHPN brings a unique breadth of knowledge and commitment to chronic illness management and end-of-life care. As a leader in designing innovative care services, Tara is a national health care speaker and has served on the Boards of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, in Washington D.C., the Ohio Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, and various national Quality and Standard Committees promoting high quality Hospice and Palliative Care Services.

“When a family is coping with a serious illness, and a cure is no longer possible, hospice provides the type of care most people say they want near the end of their life: comfort and dignity,” said Brodbeck.  “Hospice care is considered to be the model for high-quality, compassionate care for people. It includes expert medical and nursing care, pain and symptom control, and emotional and spiritual support; think of it as holistic care for all the dimensions of life.  The wishes of the patient and family are always at the center of care.”

Brodbeck said that hospice is not a place, but a type of care that focuses on living… living as fully as possible. Hospice focuses on the people impacted by the illness, rather than the disease itself.  Not only does the patient receive care, but hospice addresses the needs of families and caregivers.

Hospice of the Miami Valley is one-of-a-kind: it is a “nurse-founded and led” team of services specialists who provide a patient-centered, family-supported and compassionate approach to care.   Many people know that nurses are service-oriented and are driven by dedication.  This commitment to care is reflected in Hospice of the Miami Valley’s values of Integrity, Compassion and Respect.

Hospice of the Miami Valley was one out of nine hospices selected nationwide by RTI International, a contractor for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to participate in a pilot to test data collection for hospice quality measures in 2012.  This was part of the national effort mandated by the Affordable Care Act to develop a Quality Reporting Program for hospices. The findings from this project will be used to make recommendations to CMS regarding future development of the Hospice Quality Reporting Program. As an early participate, Hospice of the Miami Valley had the first-phase opportunity to understand future CMS expectations and take a lead in providing direct feedback to the research team.

Hospice of the Miami Valley is licensed by the State of Ohio and also accredited by the Community Home Accreditation Program (CHAP), which validates that this hospice meets the industry’s highest nationally recognized standards.

“Assuring comfort, relieving symptoms, and optimizing the patient’s quality of life is how hospice supports the patient and family as they cope and adapt to changes that illness can bring. Although more people are using hospice services, more than 25% use hospice for less than 7 days.”

“One of the best ways to make sure you and your loved one benefit fully from hospice services,” Brodbeck said, “is to talk about care options and hospice before you might ever need this care, and before a situation becomes a crisis.”

Hospice of the Miami Valley serves the 13 counties covered in The Greater Miami Valley area.  Please feel free to call anytime and ask to speak to a Care Navigator to help answer your questions, or for more information about Hospice Services.  We are here to help you.

1-800-HOSPICE (467-7423) or 937-521-1444

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