National Nursing Assistant Week- June 12-19

This is National Nursing Assistant week, and we at Hospice of the Miami Valley want to take a moment to thank our Hospice Aides for all the caring they do for our patients.

As a Community Educator, my role is to explain the hospice benefit to families and to providers utilizing hospice services. One of the most frequently asked questions from these conversations is how often they can see an aide. The reason this is often the case is because the care of an individual becomes not only emotionally difficult, but, at times, almost physically impossible. Our Hospice Aides are the hands-on care  of hospice providing activities of daily living care, and simply being a source of strength and companionship for our patients.

Meet Heather Dix. Heather has been an Nursing Assistant for 19 years, with 10 of those years in hospice care. She joined the Hospice of the Miami Valley team in November of 2010. As one of the senior members of the team, she shares what makes being a Hospice Aide special, and what she has gained from this work.

Heather states that, “I enjoy being able to give the patients what they most need at this time in their lives, and I appreciate being able to just take my time with my patients, listening to their stories and benefiting from their wisdom.” Additionally, Heather shares that, “working in hospice has helped me to see things differently, to appreciate life, and to be grateful for everyday blessings and family,” For example, she shares that she recently lost a patient who was very special to her. The day before the patient died, she said these words to her, “Live life to the fullest that you possibly can, for as long as you can.” This meaningful insight about what’s important in life is what drives Heather to keep working every day in this challenging yet rewarding position.

We, at Hospice of the Miami Valley, could not be more grateful for all of our amazing Hospice Aides.They are an integral part of the team, and this work wouldn’t be possible without them.

Kristy Matheson. LSW
Community Educator

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