Quality Program

Our Quality Assessment/ Performance Improvement Program


Although every hospice must participate in quality improvement, that does not mean all hospices have the same commitment to quality. Hospice of the Miami Valley has dedicated program staff who continuously monitor and track our performance. Hospice programs will soon be publicly reporting to consumers and the Centers of Medicare /Medicaid on their success in controlling patients’ symptoms.

Hospice of the Miami Valley demonstrates  their commitment to quality by:

  • Tracking pain measures a year before required
  • Voluntarily reporting quality data to Medicare
  • Being selected as 1 of only 9 hospices in the country to participate in the 1st Medicare Quality Data Collection Pilot Program for Hospice Quality Reporting.

We perform three satisfaction surveys at different time points:  1) after hospice admission  2) after service ends and 3) after 13 months of caregiver grief and bereavement support.
The satisfaction surveys are tabulated by an independent national company for confidentiality and benchmark comparisons.  Comparing ourselves to over 3000 hospices in the country, our results show that we exceed the national benchmark in:

  • Coordination of Care
  • Attending to Family Needs
  • Informing and Communicating with Patients
  • Weekend /After Hour Coverage


Additionally, 98% of our families would recommend us to others in need of hospice care.

As well as being state licensed, Hospice of the Miami Valley is accredited by the Community Home Accreditation Program (CHAP) , which validates that our hospice meets the industry’s highest nationally recognized standards. Rigorous evaluation by a CHAP surveyor demonstrates that our  hospice has an ongoing dedication  to quality of services.