Massage Therapy

Our massage therapists are board certified, the highest voluntary credential in the massage therapy and bodywork profession. Our therapists underwent testing and boards, just like our doctors and nurse, which means you’re getting expert care.

Many people think of massage as a luxury rather than a necessity. In hospice and home care settings, massage therapy is much more than a day at the spa. Massage therapy provides many health benefits and can greatly decrease pain and discomfort.

Massage therapy can be used to make pain medication work more effectively. Often times there is less need for medication. It is a more holistic approach to treating the physical and emotional symptoms that accompany end of life care. It can also be used in stressful situations. Loosening the muscles can help calm the mind and spirit. Massage therapy can help improve circulation; those who are bedridden may use massage therapy to prevent or relieve pressure sores on various areas of the body.

Our massage therapists are board certified and trained to work individually with each patient to make sure all his/her needs are being met. Ultimately, we work hard to have our patients comfortable no matter what setting they are in or what stage of end of life care are living.