Harry Stewart

Harry Stewart

I have had the privilege of working with Hospice of the Miami Valley for 9 years. I am thankful to be employed by and of service to this company and its patients and families for several reasons.

I feel a part of the team at large with its overall administration and, in particular, with each team and team member. I treasure our compassion for patients and their families. I am proud of its “never say, ‘no’ policy,” going the extra mile with its patient care.

I have a deep passion for hospice care which helps enable families and individuals to embrace life in every moment of its journey, and realize that in every breath there is a moment to experience and a memory to cherish. I love the hope that comes from hospice care which helps families discover that the language of the heart goes deeper than words alone. When words aren’t sufficient, the heart speaks for itself.

The referral of a friend brought me to Hospice of the Miami Valley. Its persistence for excellence in patient care, genuine compassion and accountable team interaction are in its DNA. Because of its great potential for continued service in the future, vast resources to equip that service and its support, candor and affirmation of the work ethic and person of its employees, I plan to continue to serve at Hospice of the Miami Valley.