The Birthday Club

Everybody loves a birthday celebration-a statement that rings true from the youngest to the oldest of Hospice of the Miami Valley’s Birthday Club is a special celebration of recognizing each patients’ birthday in a special way.  Our Volunteers and staff special deliver a beautifully packaged, specially-made cupcake, with a helium balloon, and a birthday card signed by our team delivered to our patient on their special day!

As part of our philosophy of “making today the BEST day” for our patients, it is a nice surprise and our patients and their families love sharing this special moment.

Would you like to bring a smile to a patient on their special day? Volunteer for the Birthday Club!

“Happy Birthday to you…”

Lifetime Legacy Book

Mr. Irvin Lakes,  who at 96 transcribed his life story for his family, “In His Own Words”.

At Hospice of the Miami Valley, we have a special program called “Lifetime Legacies”.  This is a program of life review by our patients, either written in a special book, or spoken into a recorder.  Life review is an important process which involves looking back over one’s life and recalling significant points, important family history, and cherished memories of their lives to pass on to their loved ones.

The many benefits of reminiscing have been well documented. Volunteers can play an important role in helping patients write their stories in a keepsake book.

Why become a volunteer?

“I have always supported the idea of hospice, and it’s my thought that if I can do something the Hospice might otherwise pay someone to do, then I am making their resources more available for patient care.”

“I was a family member of several loved ones receiving hospice care and support in the past, and I wanted to contribute with the only thing at my disposal… my time.”