What Makes Us Special?


As a nurse-founded and led organization, we bring the integrity, compassion and dedication with a service driven mission.


Our team prides itself on quickly responding to your call. When you need us, we come visit. We are available 24 hours a day, and can admit an individual to hospice care the same day.

Care Coordination

As a one-stop shop, we ease the burden of care by coordinating all care and services, arranging the medications, equipment and supplies needed. Let us do the work for you!

Patient & Family Centered

Our compassionate team listens to your story. Having a higher staff-to-patient ratio than some hospices, our staff can dedicate the time and attention needed to provide the care you deserve. Passionate in our advocacy for your personal preferences, our team will assist you in honoring your values and wishes for healthcare.

Hi-Tech-and HI-Touch

We accept challenging, complex health care needs. We understand that each individual brings a unique set of goals, challenges and family decisions. Our hospice has skilled staff that can help persons with complex care needs or equipment to stay at home. Specially trained professionals facilitate sensitive discussions with individuals and their families regarding advance care planning and decision-making.

Skilled Symptom Management

Our highly trained team provides expert pain and symptom control. Besides medication management, we provide comforting alternative therapies such as music therapy, massage therapy, and pet therapy. We successfully manage symptoms to a comfortable level. And, 95% of families responded that our hospice improved their loved one’s shortness of breath.