Who Qualifies

Persons eligible for hospice care include individuals who have a life-limiting or terminal illness and have decided, with the consent of their family physician, to receive comfort care for their condition.

Hospice of The Miami Valley (HOMV) is for anyone with a life-limiting or serious illness.

It is never too late to seek hospice care. Patients and families are eligible when treatments for a cure are no longer successful. We encourage patients and their families to contact us early. With HOMV, there is no need for pain to go unmanaged or for people to struggle without support.

No, physicians may continue to care for patients who enter the hospice program. In addition, the hospice staff specializes in pain management and works closely with the patient’s physician to determine the plan of care for their illness.

Hospice care is given wherever it is needed. HOMV strives to provide the care needed within the comfort of a home environment but can go wherever the patient needs assistance, such as a nursing home, assisted-living facility, or hospital.

Funding comes from Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, and individuals. No one who is eligible is turned away because of an inability to pay.