Your Care Plan


Your Care Plan Preferences-Menu of Services

We design care with you! In keeping with our specialized approach, we offer a menu of services to personalize your care. Your RN Care Manager will help you design your own care plan.




Preferred Nurse Visit
™ PM
„ Day & frequency choice

Other Team Members
™ AM
™ PM
„ Day & frequency choice

Family Update Calls:
™™ Every visit
™™ Once weekly
™™ Other

Specialized Therapies:
™ Massage  Therapy
™ Wound Specialist
™ Music Therapy
™ Physical, Occupational,
Speech Therapy
™ Pet Therapy
™ Dietary

Personal Care Services:
™ ˜Bath/Personal Care
™™ AM Assistance
™™ PM Assistance
™™ Meal Assistance


Additional Services:

™™™™ Care Navigator to connect with community resources

™™™™ Leaving a Life Legacy/ Family History Book

™™™™ Veterans’ Service Benefits evaluation for every
veteran/family member
™™™™ Short- Term Respite placement for caregiver relief

™™™™ Anticipatory grief support/counseling for children
™™™™ Living Will, DPOA, Advance healthcare planning

™™™™ Financial assistance with bills, insurance coverage